Silvi Simberg

What characteristics of yours do you attribute your biggest successes to?

Letting go of things that didn’t work out. 

An idea you believed for a long time that turned out to not be true to you now.

Everyone but me knows what the fuck they are doing.  

What’s the most important thing one should study in their lives, why? 

I don’t know if one can STUDY it, but: How to walk away from bad deals. 

What important truth do very few people agree with you on?

I can’t think of any such personal truths that very few agree with me on. I’m not so convinced in everything I think, either 😉

Most obscure belonging you own that you’d save in an emergency

I’m not particularly attached to anything here… *looks around the room, imagines there’s a fire* Okay, I’d grab the RWRI diploma and gooo. Not because it’s a diploma, because it carries an emotional value. Damn shame if I lost all the obscure unread books, though. 

Who was a role model you respected in the past but no longer have that same feeling for? Why?

I haven’t really had any “role-models”. There have been some experts and entertainers that got me excited for a while, but they keep playing the same song, and I want to keep moving.

If you were made homeless and were not allowed to get a job what would you do for money?

What would I do with the money? One of the biggest reasons I need the money right now – is to be able to keep the job (rent in the city! ha!). Being homeless here in the north must suck as it is seasonal – otherwise it’d be picking berries, mushrooms from government forests, selling them… I can’t come up with anything else right now 🙂

If we made you emperor/empress of your country of origin what are the two things you would implement/change first?

Localism and Nuclear ofc. 

What’s a modern issue you are passionate about that others aren’t? 

The amount of complaining and lack of confrontation (I don’t know how passionate others are or aren’t about it, though).

Who was your mentor growing up? 

No mentors. Grownups didn’t seem to like me much (I literally was the kid who pointed out the emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes); 

Describe your favorite aspect of your ancestral lineage’s history/culture

The language is pretty dope:

How should we distinguish between good and bad politics? 

There’s nothing to distinguish anymore, it needs reforms!

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