Mehrdad Esfahani

What was your first ambition you remember fiercely having?

I wanted people to listen when I talk.

Who was a role model you respected in the past but no longer have that same feeling for? Why? 

A particular teacher/counselor in my high school that I admired before lost this admiration due to some conversation I had with him regarding social/political matters. I found his ideas shallow and limited.

If you were made homeless and were not allowed to get a job what would you do for money? 

I would volunteer to work and earn a meal/buck from that.

What has been your greatest disappointment you’re willing to share?

My divorce

What do you draw inspiration from that your peers might scoff at?


What’s a modern issue you are passionate about that others aren’t? 

Challenging the underlying assumptions that shape our worldview in different realms.

What important truth do very few people agree with you on?

Science does not explain anything. In fact, the notion of explanation is not even defined in science.

Most obscure belonging you own that you’d save in an emergency?

I have a translation of the book “Death is my trade” that is very precious to me.

How are you different from your parents/guardian?

I am willing to change.

How can one do a better job of knowing oneself? 

Talk to trusted people about your feelings. It reveals you to yourself.

What is your definition of art? How do you distinguish art from non-art ?

Any language that codes a large amount of information and allows for multiple ways of decoding that information. In this way, a painting is art, and mathematics is not (even though some may want to claim).

How does one earn your friendship?

Be humble and truthful towards me. I do the same for you.

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