La Partenza

One of the most shocking and important things about life I have learned is that the way things are and concepts I have been learning my whole life can be undone, mixed up and pieced back together. Life and ideas can be viewed from many different perspectives, each of which have their benefits and pitfalls. What I have learned recently is that the way things are is not necessarily the way things were meant to be and the way things are might not be the best, most effective or healthiest way to achieve certain objectives, which is what I wish to investigate. This personal discovery has been been endlessly fascinating and has been a portal for me to discover other ways of thinking, believing and a source of many different lenses through which I see the world. I consider this to be of great benefit to me personally.

Over the past few years I have been toying around with many ideas, too many to keep track of, and often thought to myself that I should be recording them somehow, this will be my attempt at doing so. I am by no means an expert on any subject. I am in fact as average as average gets. With that being said I think that is an important point, I am an average person simply observing things I find helpful or interesting to me in my everyday life. I hope to learn alongside as many people as I can. Most of what I find to be a colossal discovery may be painfully obvious to legitimate experts and naturally bright people I follow and admire, this isn’t so much for them. Ideas that have come easily to others have taken me more time to grasp for whatever reason, and I feel responsible to share my point of view with others who may be in the same boat as I. What has been of benefit to me may be of benefit to others.

This may be obvious for some and mundane to most but this is my way of trying to remember what I have learned from the great minds who have come before me and hopefully spread their ideas with others who may find them useful. This is my version of the widow’s mite, my attempt to pass on what I have learned and to thank the giants on whose shoulders I have stood and who have inspired me and helped me endlessly.

It’s my aim to learn how to improve the world in which we live and in which we have such an important role in forming. I don’t wish to change minds or convert disciples to any ideology. I want to responsibly ponder mainstream and alternative concepts. I merely believe I owe the world my perspective, which may be vain and narcissistic of me. My simple goal is to ask important questions and possibly propose other ways as to how we can live more meaningful and healthier lives in these ostensibly confusing times.

Be Well – FF.

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